The Marlow Society 

Supporting Marlow's Future 
for the protection, development, and improvement of the town and surrounding areas 



About Us 

We are the Civic Society for our lovely town and the surrounding villages, so we feel we have a duty of care to promote high standards of planning and architecture. 

Marlow Matters 

We seek to advance the protection, development and improvement of Marlow by supporting the River Thames, Transport, Green Spaces and Leisure Facilities, Marlow Bridge, Air Quality & Planning Applications 

River Thames 

Our area includes the stretch of the River Thames from Medmenham to Bourne-End 

Marlow Bridge 

Marlow's Bridge has existed for over 600 years. The metal suspension bridge was completed in 1832 and with the support of The Marlow Society has stood the test of time. 


The Society aims to support improvements to the transport infrastructure while reducing the environmental impact of traffic. 

Air Quality 

The central area of Marlow is an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA).  

Green spaces and leisure facilities 

Our green spaces and leisure facilities add to the enjoyment of living in and visiting Marlow 

Planning Applications 

The Society examines Planning Applications with a potential for significant impact, and, where appropriate, supportive comments or objections are submitted. 

Our Associations 

We are proudly associated with… 

Our Associations 

We are proudly associated with… 

Talks, Walks, Events 

Here are some ways you can get involved … 


The Local History Group organises talks throughout the year 


The Walks Group organise a series of guided walks around Marlow throughout the summer months. 


The Society organises events throughout the year 

The Local History Group 

We are members of The Marlow Society who are interested in the history of the area; our people, surroundings, buildings, and events. 

Why join?  

Your participation will help to support the future of Marlow, Bisham, Little Marlow, Marlow Bottom and Medmenham. 
 The Society's Executive connections with local decision-makers ensure your matters of concern can be raised and discussed. 
Society Members can seek advice from the Executive on planning matters. 
On request, The Local History Group will respond to members' questions about Marlow and the local area utilising our knowledge, local connections, and archive of historical materials. 
The Society has several associated organisations which enable us to direct members' questions to the right place. 
Our website has a Membership Library of historical materials. 
Talks and Events are usually available to members at reduced prices. 
For some events, members receive priority over non-members 
Invitation to the The Marlow Society's Annual General Meeting 
The opportunity to meet local people and help safeguard our heritage. 
You will receive our regular newsletter 

Join the Marlow Society today! 

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