Talks,Walks & Events 

The Local History Group organises a diverse calendar of events either in person or by Zoom, including History Talks and Marlow Walks.  
The Society's Walks Group organises guided walks around Marlow and surrounding areas throughout the summer months. 
Scroll down for more information on our popular Aspects of Marlow and WW1 walks. 

History Talks 

The Marlow Society organises a calendar of talks either in person or by Zoom.  
Scoll down for the calendar of planned events. Society Members will find details in their newsletter and those on the Local History Group email distribution list will be sent details in advance 
Our next Marlow Society talk will be on Tuesday 28 May at 8:00pm in Liston Hall and will be Sir William Borlase School - the first 400 years. Tickets via Ticketsource. Book here
Our next Marlow Society Visit will be to Milton Manor House on Thursday 13 June. Fully booked. To be added to the wait list email  
The next Marlow Archaelogical Group (MAG) talk will be on Thursday 30 May at 8:00pm in Liston Hall and will be Cursus monuments in Buckinghamshire. Details here. 
Below you'll also find details of previous talks and events 
If you have a history enquiry, or would like to be added to our Local History Group email distribution list, please email: 

Marlow Walks 

Public walks on certain weekends during the summer months generally last between 60 and 120 minutes. 
All walks start from Marlow Museum at 2pm unless otherwise specified. 
The cost is £3 per adult. Children under 12 go free. Well behaved dogs welcome. 
Marlow Town Walk - the historic centre of the ancient town. Our next public walk is scheduled for Sunday 26 May. Book here. 
Forgotten Marlow - historic but lesser-known parts of the town. Our next public walk is scheduled for Sunday 21 July. Book here
Victorian Marlow - the emphasis is on 19th Century people and places including the coming of the railway. Our next public walk is scheduled for Sunday 22 September. Book here
Literary Marlow - the authors who have made Marlow their home and inspired the setting for many books. Our next public walk is scheduled for Sunday 28 July. Book here. 
Group walks for 10 people or more during the summer months can be organised by pre-arrangement and tailored to your group's requirements. Please contact us stating your preferred date and time
Please contact the walks group on  

Talks, Walks and Visits   

Fully booked. To be added to the wait list email 

Aspects of Marlow 

You can enjoy the wonderful aspects of Marlow by foot, the town is flat and easy to navigate. Marlow is easy to reach by car, bus or train, and you'll find an exciting range of shops, cafes, restaurants, and points of interest.  

1.Court Garden, Higginson Park and Marlow Museum 

Court Garden now houses the Marlow Leisure Centre and Shelley Theatre and has access to the River Thames. The car park is at the back of the house so find your way around to the front. Court Garden was built in the mid 18th century by a Dr Battie, a specialist in nervous diseases. He designed it himself and is said to have forgotten to put in a staircase. It is rumoured that this is where the expression 'batty' originated. 
The house and surrounding park were bought by public subscription in Marlow in 1926. The presentation to the town was made by General Sir George Higginson, a veteran of the Crimean war, at a ceremony to celebrate his 100th birthday. The park was named after him and now contains a statue of Sir Steve Redgrave, erected following his record fifth gold medal for rowing at the 2000 Olympic Games. 
The Marlow Museum, located next to the car park,is open during the weekends. Its Summer opening hours from March 1st to the end of October are Wednesday 2pm to 5pm and Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 1pm to 5pm. Winter opening hours from November to February are Sundays and New Year's Day 2pm to 4pm. 

2. Marlow Bridge, All Saints Church, The Compleat Angler and the Causeway. 

From the Churchyard turn right and follow the Thames Path to Saint Peter Street. If time allows, the walk can be extended by taking the remainder of the path, which is to the right of the 'Two Brewers', which leads to Mill Road. Turn right for the lock and lovely views of the river. 
Don't miss the statue on the Causeway by the church. It's is a memorial to Charles Frohman, a famous theatrical impresario, who went down with the 'Lusitania' in 1915. 

3. Saint Peter Street 

Take a left at the end of the footpath opposite The Two Brewers. Saint Peter's Church designed by Pugin, can be seen through the arched gateway. There are several interesting houses and cottages at this end of the street. Built between 1845-8, the church is most notable for its broached spire. Pugin also designed the individual school and master's adjacent to the church. 
Next cross the road at the top of Saint Peter Street into Station Road where you will see Marlow Place. 

4. Marlow Place 

In the 1950s it housed a girls' finishing school and today serves as very handsome offices. 
From Marlow Place you will have a good view back to the Old Parsonage - probably the oldest building in Marlow town; parts of it date back to the 14th century. 

5. The High Street 

They formerly housed the town's principal industry. Wethered's Brewery was founded in the mid-18th century, transferring from the east to the west side of the High Street where it had its own artesian well. A major employer and famed for the quality of its products, Wethereds was taken over by Strongs after the Second World War, then absorbed by Whitbreads and sadly closed in 1988. 
Moving on up the High Street you will pass the early 17th century Chequers Inn and Cromwell House, a classical town house. Look up to see the plaque commemorating Edwin Clark, a famous Victorian engineer. 
Other buildings on the High Street have interesting facades, often the result of refacing older properties. These can be seen by looking above the shop fronts. 

6. The Assembly Rooms, Crown Hotel & Obelisk 

Until recently the clock, atop The Everyman, had been overlooked and almost forgotten as a part of Marlow's history. In collaboration with Marlow Town Council the 'Tempus Fugit' Group, led by Tony Shannon, was set up to restore the town clock in time for its bi-centenary on 3rd April 2005. 
The work included restoration of the face and turret and removal of the original works replacing them by a modern electric drive and striking system. Having been temporality store in the Libary, the original town clock works went on display in Wycombe Museum. As supporters of the project, our Local History Group prepared a summary of the clock's history for the museum. 
The clock was given to the town in 1805 by Pascoe Grenfell, M.P. for Great Marlow 1802-1820, an associate of Thomas Williams, known as the Copper King. The son of Thomas Williams, Owen Williams M.P., presented the Market building to Marlow in 1807 as a Town Hall comprising of a covered market, Fire Station and Assembly Rooms.  

7. West Street - The Ship Inn 

Walking towards Henley, go past The Ship Inn, opposite Sainsbury's, which was built from 17th century timbers reputedly from former warships. T S Eliot the poet and Thomas Love Peacock, the author both lived in Marlow for a short time and are commemorated by plaques on numbers 31 and 47.  

8. West Street - Remnantz 

Subsequently the Wethered family who owned the town brewery bought Remnantz and lived there until recently. 
Note the weather vane atop the Remnantz stable block. This splendid stable block in the Wren style, which is now converted into two dwellings, adjoins the main house. The wooden clock tower is surmounted by a cupola and the weather vane has a small man firing a cannon, recalling the military use of the building. 

9. West Street - Sir William Borlase's Grammar School 

The original building still stands alongside the 19th and 20th centuries extentions and is a fine example of a gabled brick and flint structure centred upon a high archway. 
Returning into the town and next to Borlase are Shelley Cottages, a pretty row of whitewashed cottages with Gothic windows marked by a plaque. In Albion House, as it was known, the poet Percy Shelley and author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley lived from 1817 to 18 before they went to Italy. Mary completed Frankenstein while they were living here. Intricate ogee-shaped window frames give the property its Gothic feel, perhaps inspiring its famous tenants. 
Retrace your steps to the small car park by Cote. Portlands Alley, which runs beside it, will take you back to Court Garden. 

Marlow Remembers World War One Walk 

The Marlow Remembers WW1 Association have put together a Town Walk  

Calendar of upcoming Events 


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Date & Time 
Event Details 
Sun 26-May-24| 2:00pm 
Marlow Town Walk 
Tickets via Ticketsource. Book here
Tue 28-May-24 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | Sir William Borlase School - the first 400 years 
Dr. Gregory Lim (LHG). Tickets via Ticketsource. Book here
Thu 30-May-24 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | Cursus monuments in Buckinghamshire 
Dr David Saunders, University of Buckinghamshire (MAG). More details at Marlow Archaeology Group 
Thu 13-Jun-24 | Open from 12:30pm guided tour at 2:00pm 
Visit to Milton Manor House (Marlow Society members only) 
(LHG). Fully booked. To be added to the wait list, email 
Sun 23-Jun-24 | 2:00pm 
Marlow Town Walk 
Tickets via Ticketsource. Book here
Sun 21-Jul-24 | 2:00pm 
Forgotten Marlow Walk 
Tickets via Ticketsource. Book here
Tue 23-Jul-24 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | The Vansittarts of Bisham 
Sheila Featherston-Clark (LHG). Pay at the door. 
Sun 28-Jul-24 | 2:00pm 
Literary Marlow Walk 
Tickets via Ticketsource. Book here
Sun 18-Aug-24 | 2:00pm 
Marlow Town Walk 
Tickets via Ticketsource. Book here
Thu 22-Aug-24 | 2:30pm 
Visit to Rycote (Marlow Society members only) 
(LHG). More details of how to sign up nearer the time. 
Tue 27-Aug-24 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | Henley Workhouse 
Valerie Alasia (LHG). Pay at the door. 
Sun 22-Sep-24 | 2:00pm 
Victorian Marlow Walk 
Tickets via Ticketsource. Book here
Tue 24-Sep-24 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | The Delights of Literary Marlow: Famous Authors and their work 
Heather Adams (LHG). Pay at the door. 
Tue 22-Oct-24 | 8:00pm 
Zoom | The English Civil War in Buckinghamshire 
Julian Hunt (LHG). More details nearer the time. 

Past Events:  

Date & Time 
Event Details 
Tue 7-May-24 | 7:30pm for 8:00pm start 
Liston Hall | Marlow Society AGM plus a Presentation and Discussion on Marlow Bridge Past, Present and Future. 
Marlow Society 
Tue 23-Apr-24 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | Votes for Sheep: the curious case of the 1841 Great Marlow Election 
Sue Cheetham (LHG). 
Thu 11-Apr-24 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | Too marvellous for words: excavating a metal detected hoard during the pandemic 
Dr Wendy Morrison, Chilterns Conservation Board (MAG). 
Tue 26-Mar-24 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | Of Saints and Sinners: the Early History of Hambleden 
Chris Whitehead (LHG). 
Wed 20-Mar-24 | 8:00pm 
Zoom online | The Mesolithic hunter-gatherers of the Kennet Valley 
Prof Martin Bell, University of Reading (MAG). 
Thu 29-Feb-24 | 8:00pm 
Zoom online Film Show | Marlow on Film 
Adam Baxter (LHG). 
Tue 27-Feb-24 | 8:00pm 
Royal British Legion Club | Marlow on Film (with proceeds to the Royal British Legion Club and Marlow FM). 
Michael Eagleton (LHG). 
Thu 15-Feb-24 | 8:00pm 
Zoom online | Excavations at Butts Piece, Stanton Harcourt, Oxon 
Jamie Williams, Thames Valley Archaeological Services (MAG) 
Tue 16-Jan-24 | 8:00pm 
Zoom online | The Romans in Buckinghamshire 
Dr. Jill Eyers (LHG) 
Tue 21-Nov-23 | 8:00pm 
Zoom online | Cliveden and the Astors 
Ray Isted (LHG) 
Tue 16-Nov-23 | 8:00pm 
Zoom online | Skyscape Archaeology: a new direction 
Dr. Liz Henty (MAG) 
Tue 19-Oct-23 | 8:00pm 
Zoom online | Dorstone Hill Neolithic Excavation 
Prof. Julian Thomas (MAG) 
Tue 17-Oct-23 | 8:00pm 
Zoom online | Thomas Williams and the Williams family 
Julian Hunt (LHG) 
Tue 26-Sep-23 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | Marlow Bridge has fallen down. Who will put it up again? 
Keith Parry (LHG) 
Thu 21-Sep-23 | 8:00pm 
Zoom online | New sites, new discoveries and new questions 
Lucy Lawrence (MAG) 
Sat 9-Sep-23 | 2:00pm 
Victorian Marlow Walk - Meet at Royal British Legion Club, Station Approach 
Sat 9-Sep-23 | 12:00noon - 5:00pm 
Marlow Donkey Railway, 150th anniversary - Royal British Legion Club, Station Approach 
Heritage Open Day 
Tue 22-Aug-23 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | Estate to Elite Sports Centre - Why Bisham Abbey was Sold 
Sheila Featherstone-Clark (LHG) 
Sun 20-Aug-23 | 2:00pm 
Little Marlow Walk - Meet at Little Marlow Church 
Sun 13-Aug-23 | 2:00pm 
Town Walk - Meet at Marlow Museum 
Sun 30-Jul-23 | 2:00pm 
Literary Walk - Meet at Marlow Museum 
Tue 25-Jul-23 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | 150 Years of the Marlow Donkey Railway - Film Show 
Michael Eagleton (LHG) 
Thu 20-Jul-23 | 8:00pm 
Liston Hall | Bosworth 1485 A battlefield (re)discovered 
Prof. Anne Curry (MAG) 
Thu 20-Jul-23 | 2:00pm 
Visit and tour of Rousham House (Marlow Society members only) 
Fri 16-Jun-23 | 2:00pm 
Visit and tour of Penn House (Marlow Society members only) 

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