Air Quality 

Air Quality 

The central area of Marlow is in an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). The AQMA boundary incorporates the main vehicle routes into Marlow from the A404, including the High Street and A4155. 
The maximum permissible Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is 50 microns/cubic metre. The latest January 2022 report confirmed that the High Street and West Street meet statutory requirements. However, Spittal Street and Chapel Street did not, so further monitoring is in place 
The Society’s position is for: 
An increased level of monitoring and communication on air quality. 
Better enforcement of, for example, deliveries during restricted times, and running engines when parked. 
A reduction in the number of vehicles. 
A 20 mph speed limit in the AQMA. 
The provision of additional electric charging points 
Increase bus activity as per previous service levels. 

Marlow AQMA Map 

22/12/2017 - Air Quality Management Area  
High Street - between Station Road/ Pound Lane roundabout and West Street/ Spittal Street roundabout 
West Street - between High Street/ Spittal Street roundabout and Westwood Road 
Spittal Street, Chapel Street, Little Marlow Road - between Chapel Street and Foxes Piece School 
Areas of land to either side of the carriageway on the aforementioned roads 

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