Marlow Bridge 


Marlow Bridge 

In the heart of Marlow stands the majestic Marlow Bridge.  
The Society supports and campaigns for the preservation and upkeep of this important and wonderful structure. 

Marlow’s Bridge 

Marlow’s Bridge has existed for over 600 years. The metal suspension bridge we currently see was completed in 1832 and, with the support of The Marlow Society, has stood the test of time. 
Originally an experimental design by Tierney Clarke, the bridge was completed for an age before motorised transport. It’s impossible to imagine our town without this beautiful structure. It remains because of the efforts and commitment of Professor John Griffith who led the Marlow Bridge Preservation Society. 
We continue campaigning for the bridge to be used within its limits, and properly maintained for the pleasure of future generations. 
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Memories of Marlow Bridge 

Read more about the history of Marlow Bridge as remembered by Professor John Griffith 
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