River Thames 

River Thames 

The stretch of the River Thames from Medmenham to Bourne-End adds to the beauty and ambience of Marlow  

The River Thames 

The majestic River Thames is the reason why Marlow is here. The river has been used for millennia as a route to invade, migrate, trade, and in later centuries to pursue sport and leisure activities. It is crucial that it remains in a healthy state which is why the Marlow Society will campaign for a cleaner river. 
Maintaining the character of the river-side environment can be challenging because the river valley is neither in a Conservation Area nor designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Environment Agency have created a charter for managing the River Thames. 
You will have seen have seen and heard in the press about the dire state of our rivers. The Thames is no exception. Bangor University on behalf of the Marlow Rowing club undertook some tests March 2024 downstream of Little Marlow sewage works and the results are truly shocking. Nitrates - at ‘environmentally damaging levels’, Noro virus- at a concentrations four times higher acceptable levels, E.Coli very high; enough to damage human health and Crass phage at a level only found in undiluted effluent 
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