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Liston Rd - New Court / Liston Court Access

Don't lose it!



There is a Planning Application  - 20/07411/FUL - to build across the current public access from Liston Rd to New Court / Liston Court. The plan does not clearly show an alternative access. A real risk appears to be access across the 'join' between Liston Rd and New Court / Liston Court.


The society has raised the issue with the council and the advice from the council is to submit claims for this to be an official public right of way. The process is to submit a DMMO (Definitive Map Modification Order) form to the council. The advice is that the more people submitting a DMMO the stronger will be the case - at least 20 was suggested.


As background: New Court was left to Marlow by Nesta Liston in the 1970's and for decades has provided convenient and attractive public access from Liston Rd and it's car park to the High Street and to the south and east - Library - and the railway station and medical centre beyond. Importantly the current access is suitable for pushchairs and mobility scooters.


The land ownership has moved away from Nesta Liston's intention and is now more complex. It is important to retain public rights of way and access, against the continued commercial pressures that put this at risk.


Martin Blunkell has submitted a DMMO and this is attached for information and as guideance if required. Please support the need to retain this right of way and submit a DMMO yourself.


Some key items of information can be found here:


- Planning Application 20/07411/FUL: Demolition of existing bin store and wall, construction of 2 x dwellinghouses with provision of bin stores and parking | Liston Court High Street Marlow Buckinghamshire.


 - The map in the Planning Application.


- The site plan in the Planning Application (pdf), showing the development across the current access.

 ( it can also be viewed here ).


- The DMMO pack, on Bucks CC website, to print out, complete and send.


- An example - Martin Blunkell's DMMO submission.


This will take a few minutes, but the result of losing this access will be permanent.



To contact The Marlow Society:

Email: tmssecretary@

Post: The Marlow Society, 22 Rookery Court, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 3HR.


To contact The Local History Group:

Email: tmslocalhistorygroup





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