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The Marlow Society


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Nesta Liston's gift to Marlow

Nesta Liston
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Nesta Liston's gift to Marlow

In response to requests from the Marlow Society and the Marlow Town Council, Red Kite has agreed that the picture of Nesta Liston, which has been in New Court House since its gift to the town, is now to be installed in Liston Hall. Red Kite is in negotiation to sell New Court, a house that was gifted to the town, transferred to the Wycombe District Council and then sold by the WDC to Red Kite as part of its sale of all social housing.


The inscription underneath the portrait reads: " Mrs Nesta Forbes Liston, 1890-1970 of New Court Marlow, Chairman of the Marlow Urban District Council in 1936, A devoted Benefactress who gave the Liston Hall and this house, her home, to the Town ".


We welcome the retention of the portrait as a reminder of Nesta Liston's generosity.



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