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Marlow History

Local History Articles

Marlow Local History Articles

Marlow Remembers World War 1

Marlow Remembers World War 1


The Marlow local history articles have been sourced or created by the Local History Group.

Read more about the Local History Group.


If you have any questions about Marlow's history you can contact the group at:



Your stories of Marlow: We would love to hear your knowledge of Marlow's history and include it here. Please email anything you think would make interesting reading to
In your email please advise if you are happy for it to be published on this website and, if yes, if you would like your name published as the author.





Marlow and the Knights Templar


Marlow's Old Railway Station


Marlow's Members of Parliament


Marlow's Forgotten Industry


Marlow's Great Train Robbery


The Hatfield-Reading Turnpike


Bisham Abbey - from Templar house to sports centre


Court Garden and Higginson Park - a history


Danesfield - from pre-history to the RAF


Frank Smedley - a handicapped Victorian author


General Sir George Higginson - Marlow's Crimean veteran


G P R James - a popular historical novelist in his time


Harleyford - ...and the Clayton family


Horse racing at Marlow


Jerome K Jerome - author of Three men in a boat


The Market House - assembly room, fire station, pub and cook-shop


Marlow Place - the towns most flamboyant house


Marlow Institute - precursor of adult education


Marlow Schools - list and history


New Court - left to Marlow by Nesta Liston


Remnantz - forerunner of Sandhurst and family home


T S Eliot


The Old Fire Engine - its history and whereabouts


The Rookery - a gift Marlow did not want


Thomas Love Peacock


Thrift Cottages - the story of a typical terrace


Widmere - farm and medieval chapel


Marlow's Medieval Manor Hall


Old Trinity Church


Of Locks and Weirs


WW2 - The Bombing of Marlow (1)


WW2 - The Bombing of Marlow (2) - The V1 Flying Bomb


WW2 - The Bombing of Marlow (3) - The First Attacks


WW2 - All Saints memorial - Meg Hargrove


WW2 - All Saints memorial - John Wethered


Marlow Residents in History - 10 articles of research by Hugh Grice


Pascoe Grenfell - Businessman, MP for Gt Marlow and founder of a Dynasty


Marlow Historian - Volume 1 - 10 Articles


Pauline Chase - Marlow's Peter Pan Connection


William Francis and the parliamentary borough of Great Marlow


Marlow Remembers WW1 - a wide range of Displays, Articles, Resources and Publications collected and created as part of the 100 years commemoration of the First World War.


The following articles can also be viewed/downloaded as .pdf documents



The Marlow Historian - The Marlow Society has also published some of it's research in hard copy. You can view details of available material at Marlow Society Publications .


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