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Past Events - AGM 2019

Annual General Meeting

The Marlow Society's 59th Annual General Meeting was held at Liston Hall in the Main Hall, Liston Road Marlow on Thursday 9th May 2019 at 8:00pm.


There was a large attendance. The Minutes are available on this website page.

The business of the meeting, which was preceded by refreshments from 7.30pm, was to receive the Executive Committee’s Report and the Society's Accounts for 2018, to elect the Officers and the Members of the Executive Committee and to appoint an Independent Examiner.

Copies of the Minutes of the 2018 AGM were available at the meeting, or could be requested in advance from Hon Secretary. The 2018 Minutes are also available on this website page.

The Annual Accounts for calendar year 2018 had been reviewed by the Independent Examiner and were available at the meeting.

Nominations for Officers and for other Members of the Executive Committee were invited. All current Officers and Committee members were re-elected.


Any Member of the Society is eligible to stand for these elections.
The Committee encourages Members to put themselves forward for election. The timing for nominations, is for them to be submitted in writing (which may be by email) to Hon Secretary at least 14 days before AGM (that was by 25th April for the 2019 AGM).

Nominations, noting the role or roles for which you wish to stand, are to be supported by a seconder who is a Society Member.
A nomination form is not essential, but is available from Hon Sec.

If you would like to talk with present members of the Committee to find out more about the work, please contact the Chairman, Martin Blunkell.

A quorum is necessary for AGM to transact the business of the charity. There was a large attendance of society members on May 9th.


The meeting minutes from last year's AGM were formally signed off -

Annual General Meeting 2018 minutes


The meeting minutes for the 2019 AGM were formally signed off in the 2021 AGM -

Annual General Meeting 2019 minutes



To contact The Marlow Society:

Email: tmssecretary@ marlowsociety.org.uk

Post: The Marlow Society, 22 Rookery Court, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 3HR.


To contact The Local History Group:

Email: tmslocalhistorygroup @marlowsociety.org.uk





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